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Four Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Kids Closet

Raise your hand if you’re on the KonMari train! My hand is raised over here! I absolutely adored each and every page of her book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” (you should definitely read it…or better yet get the audiobook or google takeaways from it). Now with the Netflix special on the way, I’m sure the art of decluttering will take the world by storm and help us have another aspiration that (even if currently unattainable) is a lovely thought. I’m lucky to have a hubs who is a neat freak (that’s putting it kindly, ha!) so have learned to keep a house that for the most part appears to be professionally serviced by housekeeping daily (Hilarious but true. Come over and visit unannounced, I dare you! We won’t disappoint!) but for most of us, clutter and things we love surround us and fill our lives and closets.


Truthfully, while I can mostly keep my space tidy, if you’re watching me before a night of hanging out with my girlfriends, my closet looks like it has #vomited all over my bedroom.


I’ve tried on every pair of jeans I have, pulled out my shoes, tops, dresses, all trying to find something that, in Marie Kondo’s language, brings me joy. Keep in mind that I’ve done the cleaning up that she recommends of my wardrobe! Yikes! The fact is that no matter my love for KonMari’s principles, I haven’t quite figured out how to practice it on that closet. BUT, guess who I’ve mastered minimalism with? My mini!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am that his closet is streamlined, even while I haven’t managed to fix my own.


Our kids are growing SO quickly that we have the opportunity almost every four months to begin again! This is a blessing and a curse, it’s true, with the cost of quality clothes going up all the time. But as you shop, you can keep in mind a few simple tips that can help you see a way to keep costs down and the wardrobe choices simple (uhmmm, this can help keep morning tantrums to a minimum!)


  1. Go neutral! – when it comes to standard onesies, tops, and pants, choose a color scheme and stick to it! For example, black, navy, and gray are really forgiving and sharp colors for all minis and lovely in cold weather. Or you can get fancy and go for a color palette that includes rust brown, deep gray, and tan. The options are endless, really! Just think complementary lists of three, easy-to-find, colors.
  2. Count to 20 and commit to laundry – Have the possibility of 20, mix-and-match, outfits. After completing step 1 above, suddenly all of their outfits will have the chance to make! Have their tops be, in general, the lighter two of your color family (color blocking for the win]. But brace yourself! What Marie Kondo and all capsule wardrobe lovers know but may not always share is that with the rinse and repeat of your wardrobe, you and your mini will wear on your clothes more quickly and have to get your wash days on a schedule! With them having potty training, activities, messy eating, occasional poop explosions and more, they move through outfits several times daily! There’s no way to buy less without upping your laundry game. But it might be worth it for you! It has been worth it for me!
  3. Accessorize with things that bring them joy! – Here’s the fun part. <3 With them suited up in their neutrals, there’s no need to be “boring”! Enjoy splurging on affordable signature pieces that show off their style! Think about coats, jackets, sweaters, adorable shoes, hats, scarves, a select few tops and bottoms, glasses, and more. When shopping for beautiful pieces like some of the more formal or signature items we have at Toddler’s Tailor, you’ll rest assured that their every-day-wear is covered. I mean, the options are ENDLESS! Every day they’ll be adorable and you won’t have to look out for every little spill and wet diaper.
  4. Routine -- Lastly, every #selfcaresunday, or whatever your prep day is (Don’t have a prep day? Let’s talk about that later…), have a special ritual with them, where they lay out their clothes for the week. This is clutch. They should have their daily little pile, which you’ll use to quickly grab and go each day weekly as they have their morning routine! And when they try to mastermind the negotiation about clothes, you can gently remind them that “you chose this to wear, remember?” Works like a charm.

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Do you use any of these tips? Planning to try them? Please drop me a note! I’d love to hear how you’re streamlining your mini’s wardrobe!


March 29, 2019 — Lynette Johnson

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