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How to Keep your Little Fashionista #humble

Fashion is a funny thing! It pushes us to focus on the physical. To do it right, we have to look in the mirror, check all the angles, primp and press and make sure that from head to toe, things are as they should be, right? This is what fashion is, right!? Nope. It’s true that some might say that fashion=physical looks, but actually I think differently.


Think about us as adults. Fashion might be clothes but styling yourself and finding your flavor as you express yourself through fashion has almost nothing to do with the clothes you put on your body! Fashion is best worn when the wearer has, somehow, found pieces that make them FEEL amazing. Your favorite pieces of clothing should, ideally, make you feel like yourself. The best, most lovely, version of yourself. You walk taller, step out with confidence, and glow, when you put on that favorite set of clothes, whether they’re thrifted, handed down from your jazzy aunt, bought online, designer, or from Target. When we wear our clothes, don’t let them wear us, and use them as a tool to say something about ourselves to the world, it keeps us truly humble and can be part of a deeper reflection. Truly, who of us can remember moments when you’ve looked in the mirror and just did NOT like what you see? I sure can! Some of you might feel like that right now! As you’re reading this! A label can’t fix that. It comes from inside. This is the same lesson we have to teach our minis!


As they grow, it’s so important that we instill self-confidence in our children and make sure they know that they are ENOUGH. No matter what they wear, the clothes and shoes we can afford them, the size and shapes of their bodies, their hair, or any aspect of their presentation, they are lovely little people from the inside out. So judgement of others, especially out loud, is not how we choose to show up! Bullying starts so very early, and while we all do our part to protect our children from being hurt, we have to think and be intentional about the lessons we teach. There’s a careful balance we have to offer, in this age of technology, influence, and mass media. Unlike ten, or even five years ago, children are bombarded with messages every moment, not only from us but of course also from all of the content they consume.


How can we make sure they know how amazing and special and strong they are, use fashion as a tool for self-expression and the building of their self-confidence, while not crossing the line into materialism and judgment of themselves as well as others who may not have as much as they do? Humility is key to helping our little minis see that their value and the value of others doesn’t come from anything external. <3


How have you helped your little one stay #humble even while teaching them to have confidence?


P.S. As you shop the boutique, let your little one know that every purchase you make also sends help to another kiddo in need. Hopefully this will be yet another point of humility and gratitude as they enjoy their new digs! 


April 12, 2019 — Lynette Johnson

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