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How to Shop the Essentials for your Newborn’s Closet

Recently, my bestie announced that she’s having a baby! I am SO excited and can feel the money in my pocket trembling with fear as I plan all the splurging I intend to do on this baby! She is super classic and simple (while I’m a bit more…extra? Her words not mine. Ha!), so we were chatting about infant clothing “must-haves”. As I reflected, I came up with the following shopping list. Take a look and see what you think! Use and share as a shopping guide for you and your parent-crew. 

  • 4 Tops –They’re great to sleep in and make for easy changing. Yes, I’m saying tops and not onesies! When I had my mini, the hospital gave us great little white ones with side snap closures. They looked like tiny little kimono tops and were ADORABLE. Don’t be afraid of white tops for newborns! Remember they’re only eating milk so the light color is actually great!
  • 6 Bodysuits/Rompers/Sleepers – Long- or short-sleeved, with pant- or shorts-length, these are great and versatile. I kept my little one pretty bundled up from the beginning, so did not buy many shorts length rompers but you might want some! Your choice.
  • 4 Footed Pjs – Let’s be honest, we all love a baby in a footed pajama. If your baby is like mine was, bedtime is not a thing, and they’ll sleep in whatever they happen to be wearing at the time. But Pjs are adorable. Can’t hurt to have them!
  • 3 Swaddles (traditional or with Velcro) and 3 hats – Grab 3 of these, and better yet, just grab them in sets! They’ll inevitably be spit up on, but they’re so great for baby’s comfort! For hats, try to make sure they’re pretty light and breathable. Cradle cap isn’t helped by a hot head!
  • 2 Sleepsacks – These are your mini’s substitute for sheets once they're out of swaddles but we’ll still count them as clothing since they’re wearable!
  • 8-12 pairs of socks – They will certainly get lost in the wash, in your car, and other inconvenient places as baby learns how to work them off their feet.

Truthfully, I think this is more than enough. At the same time, don’t turn down any hand-me-downs! They are an amazing gift and if you can find a cute way to announce it, you’ll be met with gratitude from your mama-tribe when you share with them that you welcome their gently loved baby clothing. Trust me when I say that every tiny little item has memories and they would love to see your tiny baby in their favorite outfits (sisterhood of the traveling swaddle? Ha!). Don’t hesitate to ask them! Of course you’ll grab beautiful little pieces for special occasions like photo shoots, events, and just-because-you-found-something-adorable-online, but trying to keep it simple is a great rule for new moms to follow, whether on baby 1 or baby 4!

Anywho, did I miss anything here? What other essentials would you recommend?

April 05, 2019 — Lynette Johnson

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